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Saving Money On Your Next Luxury Hotel Suite

"Luxury hotel suites aren't designed to be cheap, but there are a number of ways in which you can achieve a cost saving on the normal advertised rates. Whether you're looking to rent out a hotel suite for a romantic break, or even for business purposes, there's no need to pay through the nose when a little research and leg work can realise a saving.

By understanding certain fundamental truths about the hotel industry and the pricing of hotel suites of all styles and sizes, you too can begin to save money on your next hotel suite rental.
The first and most obvious way to go about saving money on hotel suites is by choosing your travel times carefully. Travelling at different times of the year to most others means you will able to reap substantial savings - it's the simple law of supply and demand. In the summer months when everyone's looking to vacation, hotel prices skyrocket because people are willing to pay more to secure some accommodation. Meanwhile in the autumn and winter months, people tend to stay at home rather than vacation, which ultimately leads to hoteliers cutting their prices. For the consumer, that means this time of the year is the most cost effective to holiday - and when it comes to foreign hotel suites, there's still plenty of sunshine in the off peak season!

Another tactic often used by more savvy hotel customers is to look for last minute options, like same-day reservations and even on-site haggling tactics. By turning up at a hotel late in the day and negotiating a discount for the room, you're likely to get a decent suite for chump change. The logic? If a suite's lying empty, the hotel owner may as well book someone in at 15% discount than no one at all.

Likewise ordering over the Internet well in advance of your stay can be a good way to realise a saving on the amount of the headline room rate. Make sure you are prepared to pay upfront for your reservation in order to achieve the maximum discount, and be prepared to shop around to find those hotels that welcome online reservations for their top suites. The more research you do, the more likely you are to find a hotel suite that fits your requirements without costing the earth - a perfect combination!

Whatever your reason for booking a hotel suite, there are a number of really obvious ways in which you can achieve a discount on the face value of the room. Whether that's heading online to virtually book out your room a few months in advance, or haggling later in the day when you arrive at a hotel, chances are you should be able to negotiate at least a 10% discount on what you would otherwise be expected to pay without too much hassle, leaving you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day to spend on enjoying your stay."

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