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Honolulu Travel Guide

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii. It is based on the Oahu Island and it acts as the head office for government and business functions of the entire state. The city is a home for about eighty percent of the population found in the state. The city has the best beach in the entire world known as the Waikiki. Honolulu is obviously one of the best tourist destinations in the US that you want to visit at least once in your life.

Accessing Honolulu

Honolulu International Airport is a very convenient option of accessing this city. Cruise ship is another reasonable alternative that you can make use of, to reach this city of mesmerizing ambiance.

If you want to drive to get around this city then ensure that you have a very good map of Honolulu, otherwise it may get a little too confusing. If you do not want to drive yourself then bus service and taxi are also good choices you can easily opt for.

Places to visit

Diamond Head: This is the most famous volcanic crater in the world, and has breathtaking views. You will have to hike for approximately one hour; the trail is rated easy to moderate, but it can be steep in some spots. Keep in mind that there is little shade along the way, so you may want to schedule the hike for early morning and bring water with you. The site also has an observation deck and tunnel, so remember your flashlight a well.

Pearl Harbor: There are several tours available, with tour guides providing live historical narrations of that fateful day in history that will never be forgotten.

Honolulu Weather:

The weather in Honolulu varies only slightly all through the year, with constant
temperatures reaching the 70s and 80s. Honolulu features two main seasons –
April to November, which is slightly warmer than the period December to March.
The surrounding ocean remains warm throughout the year and is one of Honolulu’s
main attractions.

There are a number local restaurants i.e. chains of regional zippy which are very famous with the locals and visitors alike. Their trademark dish is a unique kind of chili dish which is available in a variety of specialties making it all the more delicious and unique.

Most of the accommodations available for tourists in Honolulu are available near Waikiki. The peak season of Honolulu is generally between mid December to March and June to September. In other seasons, you can easily get the best bargains and cheapest deals as far as accommodation is concerned.

Burundi – A Country Emerging to Tourists

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Not many people dare to visit Burundi and because of that this African country located in the heart of the continent has untouched scenery by the hand of men. However, the landscapes and evergreen forests along with the amazing mountaintops make this country a heaven on earth.

Even so, only the ones that have the courage to visit Burundi really understand why the country is so beautiful. Since 2005, this African country has become safer because of the new politics imposed by the new leader. The president was elected democratically and he is trying to bring order to the chaos. There are 2 groups within the country that feel the need to fight one another but recently the bloody wars stopped and people are trying to get along. People in Burundi aren’t very used to visitors and that’s why many regions aren’t that friendly with new comers. In big cities, people have evolved and they live a modern life trying to cope with the changes. The authorities headed by the democrat president try every day to make the country a safer place for its people as well as for anyone who visits the country. Of course, this is hard sometimes because of the rebels that are always trying to destabilize the situation. In the near future, Burundi will be safer and more and more people will have a chance to visit it. The unexplored sceneries are waiting to be discovered and people always seem to be happy to meet new people even if they are not used to having them in the country.

As a visitor in this country, first you need to understand that people have lived like this for ages and it’s hard for them to accept anyone and everything. It’s best if you preserve their culture and treat them the best you can. Clothing style should be conservative. It’s best if you carry with you a map in case you get lost. People speak English but it’s possible that not all of them will understand what you ask. Burundi holds the Lake Tanganyika, a lake with history and the one that can cool you off in the hot sunny days. The Lake Tanganyika is one of the major tourist attractions in the African country.

Not many people dare to visit Burundi and because of that this African country located in the heart of the continent has untouched scenery by the hand of men. The landscapes and evergreen forests along with the amazing mountaintops make this country a heaven on earth. Because the country had harsh periods when people fought among each other to declare their supremacy, many dangers can put one’s life at risk.

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