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Three Luxury Hotels for Traveling

When traveling nationally or internationally, hotels are a great option .Whether you are gearing up for a road trip across the U.S. or a family vacation to Europe, there are a number of lodging options of which you can take advantage. While each option is different, all offer a number of great amenities and services for families and persons on the go.

1. Transient Hotels

A hotel is classified as transient when at least 75 percent of guests are not permanent residents, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Located largely in major cities, states and countries around the world, transient hotels allow guests an opportunity to travel to new states or foreign countries without the burden of leasing a property or apartment. Most transient hotels offer guests daily and weekly rates as well as amenities like spa, fitness centers, Internet access and newspaper services. A staple for the traveling public, transient hotels provide commercial services that make statewide and international travel easier and more convenient. U.S. travelers planning a vacation or business trip to a large international city like Paris (France), Florence (Italy) or London (England) can choose from a variety of service packages and lodging types based on individual needs. Marriott is an example of a transient hotel that can be found in the U.S. and around the world (including France, Italy and the United Kingdom).

2. Residential Hotels

A hotel is classified as residential when it offers long-term residential options like apartments and other services to guests in search of permanent residence. Chiefly characterized by its suitability to permanent residents, a residential hotel provides reduced rates or package deals for long-term lodging. A great lodging option for business persons being relocated by their employer to a new location, residential hotels offer general amenities like bar, newspaper service, nonsmoking rooms, safety deposit box, soundproofed rooms, heating and storage. Many residential hotels operate as large apartment buildings that offer large-capacity rooms, maid service, a dining room and in-room meal service. You can find residential hotels all over the U.S. including beaches and seashores, scenic and historic areas, ski parks and parks as well as urban and metropolitan cities. For example, Casa Playa is a residential hotel.

3. Resort Hotels

Sometimes classified as luxury hotels, resort hotels offer travelers and vacationers in search of luxury a wider range of lodging and meal options. While some resort hotels operate on a seasonal basis, many operate continuously throughout the year. Catering to families, singles and newlyweds on vacation, resorts offer themed lodging and other attractions. From spas and themed living quarters to large outdoor and indoor swimming options, resorts are established to provide contained attractions, where guests don’t necessarily have to leave the resort for entertainment. For example, a resort might offer dance lessons or comedy shows in addition to regular amenities like room service, Internet access and in-room meal service. But they also complement the activities of nearby tourist attractions and sites. The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes is an example of a resort hotel.

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