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  • Affordable Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand
    Spend your gap year abroad or a holiday to get cross cultural experience and a deep insight into Thai culture with
  • Africa Volunteer, Work, and Research
    Nonprofit Educational Organization. Internships, Study Abroad, Travel-Study, field Study Academic credit - undergraduate or graduate level.
  • African Conservation Trust
    Details of opportunities for volunteers to join conservation projects in Southern Africa.
  • AidCamps International
    Offering opportunities for short term voluntary work on development aid projects overseas run by local non-governmental organisations in the third world. Information about projects, applying, and practicalities.
  • Altruistic Adventures
    Specializes in providing information to independent travelers interested in including a charitable component within their journey. History, contact information and expedition information.
  • Amigos de las Americas
    Amigos de las Am?ricas creates opportunities for young people to excel in leadership roles promoting public health, education and community development.
  • Amistad Institute
    San Isidro. Spanish programs with options for activities, volunteers and internships. Also a camp for middle and high school student groups. Includes prices and contact information.
  • Amity Institute
    Amity Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building international friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchange.
  • Amizade Volunteer Vacations
    Provides community service, and encourages collaboration worldwide.
  • Asociacion ANAI
    A non-profit organization in Costa Rica: includes list of ecological conservation projects, ecotours; nature photos.
  • Asociacion Casa Guatemala
    An shelter in Guatemala for orphaned, abandoned, or abused children. Information about their activities, projects and supporters. Includes details of their needs, and on volunteering.
  • AustraLearn
    Study abroad in Australia and New Zealand, detailing full degree program information, summer courses, internships, scholarships and financial aid, and application.
  • Australian Volunteers International
    Recruit, prepare and support Australians who volunteer to live, work and learn alongside people of other cultures in developing countries. Information about opportunities, programs and history.
  • Belize Botanic Garden
    Belizean species are presented in an educational setting, including special collections such as Heliconias, orchids, and palms. Goals are to recreate specific habitats such as Pine Ridge, Baldy Beacon, as well as a savannah, a rainforest, and a riverine eco-system. Education on the horticultural heritage of Belize, including sustainable agriculture. San Ignacio, Belize.
  • Bethany Home
    Provides a comprehensive service for children and adults who are disabled and lives in the Hilir Perak district but also throughout Malaysia.
  • Biosphere Expeditions
    Offering volunteer wildlife conservation expeditions in various countries.
  • Birders Volunteer Directory
    North America's largest membership organization for active birders, with news, details on publications and programs, and birding resources.
  • Blue Ventures Conservation
    UK based not-for-profit organisation working to facilitating projects that enhance global coral reef conservation and research.
  • Break Charity
    Charity that provides a wide range of services for children, adults and families with special needs. These include respite care, UK holidays in Norfolk and the West Country and specialist child care.
  • Brethren Volunteer Service
    Offer religious volunteer youth opportunities abroad.
  • British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
    Supporting volunteering opportunities throughout the UK and across the globe.
  • Cactus Language
    Online booking and course search of language courses (including online classes) in the countries where they are spoken with detailed information and prices of hundreds of courses, accommodation (including homestay) and travel options.
  • Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund
    A UK registered charity that runs the Mvog-Betsi zoo and Mefou National Park in Cameroon, in conjunction with the Cameroon government.
  • Camphill Botswana
    Working from the educational, curative and social impulses of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Dr Karl Koenig and a group of close associates started a school for disabled children, set within the context of a shared, Christian, communal life.
  • Canada World Youth
    Designs and delivers international educational programs for youth (aged 17-29) with a focus on volunteer work and community development in a cross-cultural setting.
  • Canadian Crossroads International
    Non-profit organization dedicated to building a constituency of global citizens committed to voluntarism, international development and social action.
  • Careforce International
    Meeting the medical, educational and spiritual needs of children around the world.
  • Carter Center
    Center offers programs for academic credit or practical experience each year.
  • Casa Alianza
    A nonprofit serving homeless children and youth in Central America. Includes information on programs, advocacy and street children.
  • Casa Xelaj
    A socially-responsible educational institute in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala promoting cross-cultural understanding through its Spanish, Quiche languages and cultural programs, social projects, internship program, volunteer work and travel services.
  • Catholic Medical Mission Board
    Medical relief agency providing international health care for third world relief. This Catholic charity sends medical donations including emergency medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for emergency aid.
  • Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (CNVS)
    Offers faith-based volunteer opportunities for men and women with varying skills, to help others in need of volunteer service. Database of short and long-term opportunities, in US and abroad.
  • Catholic Relief Services
    Catholic Relief Services does not currently have a volunteer program. To be considered for International job openings you need a Visa and work documentation.
  • CENIT - Center for the Working Girl
    Nonprofit NGO in Quito, Ecuador providing a variety of educational, vocational, and health services to working girls and their families. Information on programs, longterm follow-up, and volunteering.
  • Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)
    Exchange program for students in the U.S.A. and 30 other countries. School year and short-term programs are described, including information on how to become a host family.
  • Cercopan Primate Sanctuary
    Provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to more than 60 individuals of six species.
  • CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization)
    Founded in 1967, CESO is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization providing social and economic development expertise to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, non-Aboriginal Canadians, developing nations and the new market economies of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • CharityFocus
    Non-profit organization, located in Artesia, CA. serving South Asian residents of Southern California. Learn about the services and programs.
  • Ch?teau de St-Ferriol, 11500 Aude, Languedoc, France
    Ch?teau de St-Ferriol is a late Medieval - early Renaissance ch?teau-fort in the foothills of the Pyrenees, looking for volunteer help with organinc farming and restauration work, in exchange for accomadation and keep.
  • Cheetah Outreach
    If you are a student in Cape Peninsula, South Africa, Cheetah Outreach will bring a cheetah to your school. The rest of will have to make due with the Photo Gallery and the Meet our Cheetahs page. Also included is the page, Plight of the Cheetah which describes how the cheetah is losing habitat, and their conflict with livestock farmers in Namibia, a south African country.
  • Child Family Health International
    Service Learning in International Health for medical, pre-medical, and nursing students.
  • Child Haven International
    Asists children and women in 4 countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support.
  • Children Better Way
    A non-profit to rehabilitate and develop children who are suffering due to man-made and/or natural disasters by providing quality education, inculding HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, shelter, recreation, and more.
  • CHOICE Humanitarian
    CHOICE Humanitarian offers solutions to the hardships of poverty in the rural villages of the world with simple technologies, self-help initiatives and public awareness.
  • The Chol-Chol Foundation
    The Chol-Chol Foundation is a non-profit human development organization which works in indigenous communities in the ninth region of Chile.
  • Christian Foundation for Children and the Aging
    A Catholic lay organization that sponsors children and elderly in developing countries throughout the world.
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams
    Responding to Christ's call to confront injustice, its members attempt to bring the redemptive love of God to violent situations through direct, personal involvement. FAQ, calendar, history and mission, and action alerts.
  • CISV Canada
    Contact information and news from the organization.
  • Citizens Democracy Corps
    A quasi-governmental body that functions as a local administration of its District, initiating, planning and managing community programmes. Information about its various services (jobs, social assistance, skills upgrading, healthcare) and even how you can volunteer.
  • Colobus Cottage
    Hidden away amongst almost 5 hectares of coastal forest, Colobus Cottage is an office, research base, information centre, primate rescue facility, and home for the Colobus Trust staff, volunteers since August 1997.
  • Colobus Trust
    International wildlife charity working to prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering. News, educational materials, photos, FAQ, and information about ways for individuals to become involved.
  • Community Service Volunteers
    Charity dedicated to giving everyone the chance to play an active part in their community through volunteering, training, education and the media.
  • Concern America
    A small nonprofit, nonsectarian, nongovernmental development and refugee aid organization.
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia
    Help create a Better Earth become a conservation volunteer.
  • Coral Cay Conservation
    Volunteer expeditions that provide resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and tropical forests.
  • Cosmic Volunteers
    Offers programs to volunteer and intern in Ecuador, Ghana, India, and Nepal from one week to one year. Site offers information about Cosmic Volunteers and their programs.
  • Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School
    Rainforest trekking, whitewater rafting, Spanish language study, kayaking, scuba diving, and study abroad for university credit. (San Jose, Costa Rica)
  • Council on International Educational Exchange
    To help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, is Council's mission.
  • Crispaz
    A faith-based organization dedicated to mutual accompaniment with the church of the poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador.
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions
    An international volunteer program, with opportunities in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania, and Thailand.
  • Cultural Restoration Tourism Project
    Help restore and rebuild a Mongolian Buddhist monastery, thereby enhancing and revitalizing the local culture. The Baldan Baraivan monastery is in a beautiful, memote part of eastern Mongolia. We are leading small groups of volunteer-tourists to Mongolia to take part in this project.
  • CUSO
    Supports alliances for global social justice. Information about current volunteer opportunities, development programs worldwide, and global education activities in Canada. (French and English)
  • Development Projects and Adventurous Overland Travel
    Combines award winning development projects and adventurous overland travel.
  • Earthwatch
    Promotes sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage by creating partnerships amongst scientists, the general public, educators, and business.
  • Earthwatch Institute
    An international non-profit organization supporting scientific field research and offering members of the public the opportunity to work with distinguished field scientists.
  • Ecovolunteer
    Gives volunteers the opportunity to protect nature and its inhabitants by helping local organizations with their conservation projects.
  • Enkosini
    A 12,000 acre preserve in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa created to protect natural habitat and create a sanctuary for African wildlife in need.
  • eVolunteer
    Allows charities and voluntary organisations to recruit volunteers. Online categorised search for international volunteer opportunities.
  • Experience Mexico
    Experience Mexico a non profit organisation offering volunteer a range of different opportunities in west Mexico.
  • Explorations In Travel Inc
    Individual volunteer placements in Latin America and the South Pacific. Sites include; schools, conservation projects, rainforests, animal shelters and rehabs.
  • Fundacion Brethren y Unida
    NGO based in Ecuador working on rural development and volunteer projects in agro-ecology, environmental education and small business development.
  • Fundacion Zoobreviven
    Ecuador conservation organisation preserving cloud forests and running community projects. Volunteer projects in reforestation, organic and coffee plantation farming, plant and tree study, bird, mammal, insect study in the Alto Choco bioregion.
  • Genesis Voluntary Teaching Program
    Seeking volunteers to teach English to children in Ecuador coast. Information about the town, Bahia, and about volunteering.
  • Ghana Network Of Volunteer Service
    A non-profit organisation, which provides volunteer opportunities throughout Ghana.
  • Global Crossroad
    Offerse a variety of volunteering, intership, trekking, adventure and cross-cultural experience to international volunteers in Nepal, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Mongolia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, Ghana, Tibet
  • Global Deaf Connection
    Hosts volunteer vacations to individuals interested in working with deaf children throughout the world.
  • Global Vision International (GVI)
    Hosts volunteer opportunities from 2 weeks to 12 months in over 20 countries including China, Mexico and the Central African Republic.
  • Global Volunteer Network
    A non profit organisation which places volunteers in community projects worldwide.
  • Global Volunteers
    Sends teams of volunteers to work on short-term development projects worldwide. Coordinates over 150 teams per year. Trip information and contacts for Minnesota non-profit organization.
  • Global Works
    Summer programs located in all types of cultures around the world. Students live in places that range from small villages to ruined castles. Community service, language and adventure travel programs for teenagers.
  • Go M.A.D. Go Make A Difference
    International volunteer organization which works to match prospective volunteers with small social service projects around the world for short and long term stays.
  • Grassroots Bridges
    An eight-month program that provides Fellows with a stipend, educational training, mentoring and service learning experiences with local community-based organizations and international volunteer programs.
  • Green Volunteers
    Resource for finding voluntary work in nature conservation. Lists short and long term projects. Volunteers can work worldwide, with marine mammals or terrestrial fauna, in national parks or in wildlife rescue centers.
  • Greenforce Conservation Expeditions
    Specializes in marine and terrestrial scientific conservation expeditions for gap year students, university students and those wanting to undertake international voluntary work in Borneo, Bahamas, Fiji and Zambia.
  • Help Exchange
    Volunteer work in exchange for free accommodation and food (bed and board) in Australia, New Zealand and Europe on farms, backpacker hostels, lodges and other properties.
  • Iko poran
    Offers international volunteers programs in Brazil. Focused on community development programs.
  • Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange
    Sends volunteers to work with communities overseas in social and welfare placements abroad for one year or six months
  • IT in Isan
    Computer learning program in Thailand taught by international volunteers.
  • i-to-i International Projects
    Provides a variety of work experiences including teaching english as a foreign language, community development, conservation, construction, and skills development.
  • La Sabranenque
    Offers architecture restoration projects for volunteers in southern France. Saint Victor la Coste, France operation. (French/English)
  • Lifeworks
    Offers service-learning travel programs to teenagers, combining community service projects with cultural immersion and outdoor adventure activities.
  • Marin Asia
    Eco volunteer and exploration cruises in the little known Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Burma (Myanmar)
  • Medicine Trail Research Center
    Hosts volunteer vacations where visitors assist on research or conservation projects in the rainforest, the Caribbean, or with Missionary projects helping the Mayans of Belize.
  • Mokolodi Game Reserve
    The 12,500 acre non-profit reserve provides environmental educate to children of Botswana.
  • Openmind Projects
    An international volunteer program teaching english and computer skills in Thailand.
  • Operation French World
    An effort to train mission workers for effectively sharing and strengthening Christianity in French speaking countries around the globe.
  • Organic gardens in subtropical Australia
    Volunteering in New South Wales dealing organic gardens, permaculture methods, landscaping or building. Free board and food in exchange for 4-5 hours a work a day. Photos and contact information.
  • Personal Overseas Development
    Voluntary work and adventure travel in Africa & South America. Opportunities include teaching, helping in orphanages and health care.
  • The Phoenix Project
    Volunteer in Guatemala. Learn Spanish, teach and join conservation projects.
  • Rainforest Research
    Looking for volunteers to help with conservation and research projects at a remote research station in the Amazon basin, South East Peru. Volunteers can choose to take part in a range of projects depending upon their background, interests and experience. Photos, links, research and volunteer placement information.
  • Ravine Saab Collective
    Hosts volunteers at a sustainable orchard project in St Lucia in the Caribbean.
  • Rural Community Development Program-Himalayan Volunteers
    Offers year round cross-cultural and volunteering opportunities in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Areas of volunteer work include English teaching, orphanage, health and conservation work. Site includes program information, testimonials and applications.
  • Save The Turtles Of Parismina
    Turtle Coservation Program in Parismina, Costa Rica. Seeking volunteers to help patrol the beach and protect Leatherback and Green Sea Turtles that are nesting. Volunteers assist and also help to relocate the eggs in our turtle hatchery.
  • The Savegre River Wildlife Conservation Center
    Volunteer organization working to preserve tropical wildlife in the Costa Rican rain forest.
  • Senevolu
    Offers cultural and volunteer homestays and intercultural immersions in Senegal. Information on programs, activities and projects.
    Independent guide offering articles, tutorials, forums, volunteer abroad program reviews, and a volunteering abroad opportunity database.
  • Service Civil International
    Worldwide volunteer placement for generalists in short term 2 week workcamps and long term 3-12 month social service or non profit community grassroots projects. SCI is based in Seattle, Washington.
  • Starfish Ventures
    A company offering volunteer placements available in Thailand from 4 to 12 weeks. Offers TEFL training.
  • Tararu Valley Sanctuary
    Co-operatively run rainforest property at the head of Tararu Valley, surrounded by 140,000 acres of the Coromandel State Forest Park - 1.5 hours from Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Teaching English in Peru
    Teachperu offers people the chance to teach English in Peru with the aim of using native English speakers to assist Peruvian students and teachers.
  • [TH] Childlife
    A future for street children in Mae Sai. The purpose of Childlife is to provide the street children in Mae Sai with a safe refuge, shelter and home, food, health and non-formal education.
  • Travel with a Purpose
    Arranges trips of voluntouring - combination of travelling and volunteering worldwide. Located in San Diego, California.
  • Travel-to-Teach
    Provides teaching volunteering opporunities in Thailand.
  • Tropical Platypus Research
    Features the first radio tracking surveillance project of the platypus in tropical north Queensland.
  • United Planet
    An international non-profit with members and programs in over 100 countries.
  • Voluntary Service Overseas Canada
    International development organization that works through volunteers. Sends professional people to share their skills in the business, education, health and technical sectors of developing countries. Site is in English and French.
  • Volunteer Abroad with EIL Intercultural Learning
    Non-profit organisation sending volunteers to work on development projects around the world.
  • Volunteer Bolivia
    Provides positions with humanitarian and ecological organizations in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • Volunteer Travel
    Individual and group volunteer placements in South and Central America, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and Nepal. Conservation projects, teaching, farming, and animal rescues feature in their options.
  • Volunteering In Kenya
    Surveying of Rhinos and Elephants Tracking. Writing reports. Any other work that will be a benefit to the KWS Water Research. Continuous transects will be made to check water salinity, temperatures, and density
  • Volunteering Vacations
    Annotated list of organizational Web sites that offer opportunities to combine good works with travel.
  • Volunteers for Rural Development Ghana
    Ghanaian workcamp service for volunteers willing to make a positive contribution to the communities in the rural areas. Possible projects are school building, HIV/AIDS campaigns and tree planting. Photos, activity details and information on Ghana.
  • 2Way Development - Skilled Volunteers Overseas
    Organizes tailor-made international travel and volunteer placements. Information on prices, packages, and services.
  • Wild at Heart
    Youth safari adventures in Zambia. Includes wildlife and community volunteering opportunities.
  • Willing Workers in South Africa
    WWISA arranges working volunteer holidays to South Africa and abroad.
  • Willing Workers on Organic Farms Australia
    Prints a directory of over 1,000 organic host farms; includes information on WWOOF programs, directory of agents, and bulletin board of opportunities.
  • Winant and Clayton Volunteers
    The Winant and Clayton Volunteers provide service opportunity combined with travel abroad.
  • Women in Progress
    International volunteer program that focuses on assisting women in Africa to grow their micro enterprises and become self sufficient through business and IT consulting and training. Information for students as well as details on programs and internships.
  • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - USA
    Produces a printed directory of organic farmers in the United States who participate in WWOOF programs.
  • World Youth International
    Offers volunteering opportunities and overseas programs for teenages, adults and seniors. Destinations include Kenya, Nepal, China, North and South America.
  • WWOOF International
    Organization assisting those who would like to work as volunteers on organic farms internationally. Program highlights and contact information.
  • Youth Challenge Australia
    Offers youth volunteers the opportunity to volunteer on a range of powerful, community initiated development projects in South and Central America, Asia and the Pacific.
  • Youth International
    Information about experiential learning in East Asia or Africa, including intercultural exchange, community service, and home stays.
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