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  Air Fear of Flying
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  • Airfraid
    Press releases and editorials regarding fear of flying, travel health and travel safety.
  • Anxiety Treatment Center
    Based in Illinois, the Anxiety Treatment Center helps people suffering from fear of flying as well as OCD, panic attacks, phobias, and trichotillomania. Its special program for fearful fliers emphasizes cognitive behavioral therapy and education about aviation.
  • CalmFlight
    A program for business travelers based in Westchester County, New York. Directed by Dr. Alan Strohmayer, a pilot and a behavioral therapist, the program is available for one-on-one or in groups. Consultations are also given.
    Coping with fear of flying and the panic it induces.
  • "Delete Fear of Flying"
    Dr. Luann Linquist, based in La Jolla, CA, gives fearful fliers treatment by telephone.
  • Discomfort Fly Away - No Fear
    This program called Designed Thinking is offered by Michael Arndt, a hypnotherapist and personal empowerment coach. It is geared to overcoming all fears and is not specifically a fear of flying program.
  • Fear of Flying Clinic
    Californian company offering classes. Does not claim to offer miracle cures, but rather to give you the tools to conquer your own fears.
  • Fear of Flying Clinic
    One of the first fear of flying programs in the U.S., the Fear of Flying Clinic offers fearful flyers the tools to cope with their phobia and their fear and to fly comfortably. This site is offered by the Seattle chapter and offers "empathy, education, and experience."
  • Fearless Flyers with Qantas
    This is a fabulous course for those in Australia, and the inspiration for "The Fearless Flier's Handbook."
  • Fearless Flying
    A new program based on Northwest Airlines'successful WINGS seminars, Fearless Flying offers a home study kit, including a video, an audiotape for relaxation instruction, and a handbook. It was developed with Northwest pilots, mechanics, meteorologists, and psychologists who specialize in treating fear of flying, and these experts appear in the film. Can order on-line.
    Offers professional counseling and therapy by airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn LCSW. Service is intended for people stranded at an airport, unable to fly and for people whose anxiety becomes too much to deal with as a flight date approaches.
  • Institute for Psychology of Air Travel
    Dr. Al Forgione has been running his course successfully for 30 years. This site offers information on the Fear of Flying (a.k.a. Aviophobia, Air Travel Phobia) and contains a test of degree of fear, helpful hints, and a home study course.
  • Overcome Your Fear of Flying
    The author of this site was terrified of flying, but today he flies without fear. This site introduces a booklet that explains how. The first chapter can be viewed online.
    Online bulletin board and forum created to help people learn to fly without fear. Registration required.
  • SOAR
    Answers to common questions, a mailing list, and a link to a personal counseling service.
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